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Poly Track

Poly Track is a fun racing game where you can build a track then invite your friends to race with you and try to reach the finish line as fast as possible.

Introducing Poly Track

As a recently released game, Poly Track has new features that you have never seen in any other racing game. So do you know what those features are? Let's learn about it now.

Build a racetrack

The first feature we want to introduce to you in the Poly Track game is the track building feature. Even if you don't need to have professional knowledge about building design, you can still build your own racetrack. Because the game publishers have already equipped you with puzzle pieces on the track with many different puzzle pieces. You can create long straight roads or winding roads and sometimes if you are too bored driving on the road, you can add an arc-shaped puzzle piece. This puzzle piece will help your car fly. the air like a bird flying in the vast sky. Be creative and use all your mind to create the most beautiful, new and unique routes depending on your personal preferences and for you and your loved ones to experience.

Standard racetrack

Built based on the most famous racetracks in the world, Poly Track gives you another new feature when participating in the game: Standard Track. These racetracks will bring racing experiences that are familiar yet extremely new and challenging. With the collection of countless bends, you must have quick reflexes and precise steering ability to be able to control your vehicle in the right direction and ensure safety. The car encountered unfortunate accidents on the racetrack. Each route will bring you new experiences and different obstacles when you are driving your car. The fact that the tracks have many special terrains not only increases the difficulty of the game but also makes Poly Track more different than most racing games currently flooding the market. Just click on the Play icon and then choose the track you want and you can experience famous race tracks in the world.

Customize your car

The next feature will make you extremely excited because once you have a beautiful road, you cannot lack a beautiful car. Although Poly Track has provided you with available and completely new cars, you can remodel your beloved car in a unique style that no other car in the world has. . If your hobby is a simple, compact car with an incredibly powerful engine to drive like crazy on the road or you have a dream of owning a powerful muscle car that is full of masculinity, consider Our Vehicle Customization capabilities are available. With a simple mouse click on the Customize icon on the main screen, you can immediately start assembling, designing and painting your own car.


Created and developed by a small studio called Kodub. This is the studio that has released many other famous racing games.

How to control

Poly Track has easy controls but is difficult to master. You can use the arrow keys or WASD to control the car. Additionally, you can press the spacebar to activate nitro when you go on straight roads to help the car accelerate higher.

Tips and tricks for playing the game

To be able to play Poly Track smoothly and be able to overcome all opponents, you cannot rely only on your car's speed to win. Here I will give you some tips so you can reduce your lap time as low as possible.

Master of drifting skills

Drifting is not a new skill but it is very difficult to do in driving. The secret I learned every time I performed this skill is that you have to practice a lot and steer in the opposite direction of the direction you want the car to slide. After mastering this skill, you will be able to go through sharp turns or winding roads as quickly as possible without having to use the brakes to slow down the vehicle. This will help you reach the finish line faster than ever.

Use nitro

If you have ever watched action movies chasing each other on cars, you may realize that nitro is an indispensable item on every modified car. However, please note that you should not waste nitro on unnecessary roads. Save them and use them when you are running on straight or steep roads. This will help your car speed increase significantly

Understand your vehicle

No matter how fast or powerful your car is, if you don't understand your car it will be very difficult to win. So please experience taking care of your car carefully so you can better understand your car. Although they are just simple things, they will be a very important part to help you understand your car better to win.

Practice to become perfect

The more you practice, the more proficient your driving skills will be. Don't be discouraged if at some point your performance isn't what you expected. At those times, instead of being discouraged, you can calmly sit back and analyze your mistakes to adjust your driving style as well as analyze the mistakes you have made to avoid making them next time.

Poly Track unblocked

Poly Track unblocked will help you play games anywhere without worrying about network limitations there. Whether you are sitting at school, at work or even at the park, you can visit this website and experience the game. Our unblocked version is no different from the normal version so it will never interrupt your unfinished game experience. You can still continue driving, continue racing or build roads according to your preferences without any problems.

Main features of the game Poly Track

  • Track building playground: Get creative with a variety of track options, from simple curves and ramps to twisty tracks.
  • Diverse Garage: Choose from a variety of cars and trucks, each with unique driving and handling styles.
  • Time Trials: Push your limits in solo time trials, compete for bragging rights on online leaderboards, or tackle community-created challenges that will sharpen your skills to the highest level.
  • A dynamic and passionate community: Share your creations, collaborate on the tracks and learn from other players in a vibrant and supportive community.

So, are you ready? Fasten your seat belt and step on the gas to experience great roads with realistic driving feel in Poly Track right now.