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About Slope City

Slope City will take you on a thrilling journey visiting many vibrant cityscapes. Your task in the game is to control a ball through a series of interconnected slopes, busy neighborhoods and deserted street corners. Get ready to test your reflexes, conquer challenging hills and chase ever-increasing high scores!

Overcome dangerous roads

The goal in Slope City seems simple: guide your ball through picturesque scenery. But don't be fooled! Every unexpected twist, turn, and obstacle throws a new challenge your way. As you conquer each hill, your speed will increase, requiring lightning-fast reactions and razor-sharp agility. Be alert, think carefully and make split-second decisions to avoid falling downhill and maintain your momentum.

Easy controls

Slope City's controls are very simple. Use the A/D keys or arrow keys to steer your ball left and right, skillfully moving through the city's intricate maze of paths. Embark on an exciting adventure in Slope City today! Can you master the art of rolling happily and conquering the slopes?