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Turbo Stars - Rival Racing

Turbor Stars - Rival Racing is a high-speed skateboarding game. Your mission in this game is to slide on dangerous runways, overcome your opponents and win.

Introducing the game Turbor Stars - Rival Racing

Thrill of the Grind

When participating in this race. You will have to compete with 11 opponents on the track. Be as focused as possible because you may encounter dangerous obstacles. Show off your skills and secret tricks to come first and win as many coins as possible.

Dominate the racetrack

On the track you will encounter many weapons that you can use. Pick up these trophies to attack and overcome your opponents and win. And remember, if you attack them, they can also do the opposite. So please be very careful.

Turbo Stars is more than just a game it's a place where you can express yourself. Grab your skateboard and ride in the wind, the cheers of the crowd and the sweet taste of victory are the most precious rewards for you.

Guide play

Controls: WASD/arrow keys/left mouse drag to navigate the chaotic tracks.

Release date

September 2019 (iOS), November 2019 (Android), June 2023 (WebGL)


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