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Only UP !Parkour is a game released in 2023 but has created a worldwide craze in just a short time. Forget about previous adventure games where you could only play with the screen slowly scrolling to the left. In this game, you will experience it in a different way when you will control your character to go up into the sky.

Overview of the game Only UP !Parkour

Unique scale

Forget the traditional ways of playing. Forget about landscapes that stretch across the screen. In this game, you will see the city landscape from above. Pass by planes, dilapidated buildings or slippery bronze statues. All of these things create a unique game that has never existed before.

Parkour playground

Although you are not an urban ninja, your way of moving is no different from a real ninja. This requires you to have quick and accurate reflexes. Running and jumping over walls helps you save a lot of time to conquer the destination of this game. If you want to experience more recently released games, you can try the Poly Track game available on our website.

Falling is learning

Don't be too scared. Every time you fall, you learn a new lesson. Unlike regular games, if you crash, you won't have to play that part again right away. In Only UP !Parkour, if you fall, you will have to play again from the landing part when you crashed. This is quite new so it has attracted many gamers to experience this game.

The game's destination

Past the towering cityscape, towards a finish line that is never far away. Each level conquered will bring you closer to victory – remember there are no defeats, only temporary defeats.

How to control the character

  • WASD: Control your every step.
  • Left Shift: Accelerate suddenly to close the gap between platforms.
  • Space: Jump over chasms and climb to impossible heights.
  • C: Crouch under dangerous obstacles.
  • Escape: Take a break from climbing and strategize your next move.
  • Mouse: Scan the environment to find your next bold move.