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Geometry Dash Online

Geometry Dash Online is a game about the adventures of a small cube. In this game, you will have to overcome a series of different obstacles in every level to get the cube to the finish line safely.

Introducing Geometry Dash Online

Explore new lands

The new lands in Geometry Dash Online are divided into 15 levels that you will have to overcome when participating in the game. With just simple operations like clicking on the new lands icon on the game's main screen, you can participate in adventures into new lands with increasing difficulty. But as said from the beginning, you will have to be very careful because countless obstacles are arranged and appear everywhere in the game. From the easiest levels to pass like the Stereo Madness land to the super difficult levels like the Polargeist area, there will be extremely surprising traps that will make you jump every time you encounter them. It sounds difficult, right? But don't worry too much, all those difficulties are just game publishers testing your gaming skills. And if you are not confident enough, you can absolutely try playing these levels in Practice mode to improve your gaming skills. All the best !

Change shape

Depending on each level, your cube will change shape accordingly. There are times when it will transform into a UFO and fly into the air, piercing through sharp spikes without any damage. Or sometimes it returns to its original form as a simple cube, sliding along the path and will dodge obstacles when necessary.

Collect coins

Coins are scattered on every path the cube passes through. You must collect those coins and accumulate them gradually to be able to unlock new blocks with completely different interfaces. And of course you can also choose and design them to best suit your personality. And Drift Boss is also a game with similar features. The game is very good and I think you can't miss it

Tips and tricks to master

  • Don't be discouraged, practice hard. Practicing a lot will help you overcome challenges more easily
  • Analyze each of your failed plays and adjust your play slightly. Because every failure is a painful lesson.
  • Playing the difficult sections in practice mode, helps you avoid making a lot more progress

How to control the cube

Very easily, you can use the spacebar or left mouse button to control your cube to fly when encountering obstacles.