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Drift Rider takes you into a dynamic 3D drifting game, which promises to recreate the experience as if you were behind the wheel. Fasten your seat belt, start the car and show off your driving skills in this game.

Introducing Drift Rider

Tailor your trip

Before jumping into the game, get creative by building your dream car. Drift Rider will let you customize your car in the Parts, Tuning, and Paint sections. Enhance aesthetics and increase performance by tuning your vehicle to perfection. The Cars section is even more exciting with a variety of options, including a luxurious Rolls Royce!

Paint your personality

In the Paint section, choose from a rich color scale for your car and rims. Decide if your car has glossy, matte, metallic or chrome appeal. This is a canvas for you to draw and express your style!

Adjust for precision

Navigate to the Adjustment section to adjust your vehicle's physical height and brake settings. Experiment with adjusting the rear height for a rebellious punk look. Fine-tune your ride to conquer drifting with precision.

Increase strength with parts

Enhance your vehicle's performance in the Spare Parts section. Enhanced engine and turbo features ensure your car is not only visually stunning but also a powerful machine on the track.

Diverse racing tracks await

Embark on a thrilling adventure on five separate tracks. Glide through the cityscape, overcome challenges on winding intercity roads or choose a familiar experience on a standard racetrack. Each track promises a unique and exhilarating experience.

Mastery control

Navigate precisely using WASD or Arrow keys to control your car. The Space key acts as your brake, ensuring control in tight situations. Use the R key to reset the car, the P key to zoom in on the screen, and the C key to change your perspective with different camera views. Control your drift with these intuitive controls!