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Trap the Cat is a fun puzzle game. When participating in this game, your task is to prevent your cat from running out of the blue squares. Helping you train your thinking and intelligence is the purpose of the developers when making this game.

Experience playing the game Trap the Cat

Attractive puzzle playground

Enter a web of possibilities, where a curious cat roams freely. Your duties? Build a clever siege using bricks, blocking all escape routes without cornering your furry opponents.

Enter a playground with countless escape routes the black cat can take. Your task is to create barriers by building walls to block the cat's paths so he can't get out.

Research and strategic thinkin

To do this, you must observe the black cat's movements. Predict its moves and plan to surround the area it intends to move towards. With every click on your playground, a brick is built. Create walls that block the cat's way out. And coincidentally, on our website there is also such a strategic game, which is Crossy Road. Hopefully this game will make you love it as much as Trap the Cat

Tips to win against the tabby cat

  • Patience is one of the must-have elements when playing this game. Don't rush, carefully analyze the cat's movements and make a plan to build the wall.
  • Think a little further. After knowing the direction of the cat's movement. Build walls far away to stop the cat, then gradually move closer until the cat has no way to escape, then stop.
  • Each level will have different challenges. So learn from previous games to make the right decisions when starting to build barrier walls.

How to play Trap the Cat

Use your mouse to build strong walls that the cat cannot overcome.