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Crossy Road takes you into a vibrant, bustling world, where every step must be carefully calculated! This seemingly simple game challenges you to navigate a bustling landscape of roads, rivers and train tracks using only your wits and reflexes.

Pixel Dangerous Playground

In this game, you have to run non-stop to survive. These are not strolls. On the way, you must constantly avoid moving cars and jump over logs that block the way. Each pixel is a hidden trap that you don't even know about.

Master the moves

The controls seem simple swipe to move, tap to jump. But mastering these seemingly basic actions is the key to conquering Crossy Road. You must time extremely accurately to overcome obstacles. At the same time, when these traps suddenly appear, you have to go very far quickly to overcome these dangerous distances.

Choose your champion wisely

From the classic chicken to the unicorn, Crossy Road offers a wide range of playable characters. Each has its own characteristics and abilities, so choose the one that best suits your play style and environment.

Coin collecting hat

Those shiny coins aren't just for show they're your ticket to unlocking new characters and expanding your pixel squad. Plan your route to maximize your coin collection and build a list of champions for your next dangerous pilgrimage.

Eagle Eye on the Skies

Don't just focus on the ground! Look out for pesky eagles swooping down from the sky, ready to snatch you from your brave mission.