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Desert Riders: Car Battle Game

Introducing the game Desert Riders: Car Battle

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled adventure with Desert Riders: Car Battle Game, a thrilling casual shooting game that pits you in intense vehicle battles against a series of formidable enemies. Customize your vehicle with an arsenal of weapons and upgrades, then hit the road to destroy enemies and conquer challenging boss levels. Desert Riders beckons with easy controls and dynamic gameplay, inviting you to rev your engines and immerse yourself in an action-packed world of vehicular chaos!

Game features

The combination of simplicity and challenge

Experience the perfect combination of easy-to-master controls coupled with challenging objectives, ensuring an amazing gaming experience.

Diverse enemy vehicles

Opt for stylish slow-motion takedowns by driving through buildings and earning bonuses. Complete the level by getting multiple kills, with extra points for accurate headshots.

Apocalyptic world and boss levels

Embark on a journey through apocalyptic landscapes with diverse terrain. Test your skills on formidable boss levels that push your limits.

Various Boosters

Choose from a variety of boosters in each level to play to your strengths. Arm yourself with laser and plasma guns, unleash lightning, fortify your defenses with armor, and collect extra health all to enhance your combat prowess.

Reward progress

Complete levels and missions to unlock chests containing valuable rewards, allowing you to modify and upgrade your vehicles.

Rich car selection

Visit the auto shop to find stops and unlock dozens of cars, including rare and classic models. Customize your ride with over 70 options, including wheels, bumpers, exhaust and engine.Personalize your vehicle further with a variety of paint colors.

Immersive audio-visual experience

Enjoy vibrant background music, engaging sound effects, and captivating graphics that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Optional vibration settings

Increase the thrill with optional vibration settings, immersing yourself even further in the heart-pounding action.

Embark on a vehicular adventure like never before install Desert Riders now and get ready to conquer the chaos!