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Smash Karts is a 3D game in which your task is to eliminate opponents present on the stage to win. In this tough battle, you will control your karts to search for weapons scattered all over the road. Using them to attack other opponents causes them to be eliminated from the game.

Description of Smash Karts

3D Mayhem

When participating in this game, you will experience beautiful racing tracks created by developers with 3D graphics. Feel every sound of the wheels and surroundings as you accelerate. The game will bring a great experience to you in the same way that the game Poly Track did.

Strange weapon

Smash karts give you an arsenal of strange weapons that you've probably never seen before. You can place bombs right on the road or you can shoot the simplest or simplest missiles. is to force fellow players with your own karts. It all comes down to the ultimate goal of blowing away fellow players, and if you're not careful, you'll be the victim of your own weapons.


In this game, you can design your favorite racing character. Choose your favorite car models and then give your characters the best clothes possible. Who knows, these things will somehow make other players wary

Guide play game

Master the operations

Drifting, accelerating and using weapons strategically is how this game is played. However, practice your skills well, because this will help you become a champion.

Climb the rankings

Conquer the online leaderboards and prove your strength against players from all over the world. Become a Smash Karts legend and inspire by convincingly winning matches.

How to play

  • Arrow keys or WASD: Drive your kart to victory
  • Spacebar: Activate a power-up of your choice, wreaking havoc on your enemies.