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Eggy Cars will take you into the role of a driver whose mission is to transport a special guest and bring that person to their destination safely.

Overview of the game Eggy Cars

Maybe you're curious who our special guest is, right? Then I will reveal it to you right now. Our special guest is a fragile egg. So when traveling on rough and uneven roads. You will have to be extremely careful to keep your special passenger's balance from being thrown to the ground.

Maintain balance on the vehicle

As noted above. The road you travel will be uneven and difficult to navigate. Just a small mistake can cause you to throw the egg passenger into the air and fall to the ground. To prevent this from happening, you will always need to keep your vehicle moving at as steady a speed as possible. Don't be in a hurry because that will only put the egg in your car in more danger. Patience and concentration are the key points to help you win this game.

Collect loot

Like some other games such as Geometry Dash Online, when moving on the road. You will encounter gold coins scattered along the way. These gold coins will help you unlock new items. So try to collect a lot of them and gradually accumulate them until you have enough gold to unlock your favorite items.

Simple, attractive graphics

With simple graphics but a gentle pastel color combined with soothing background music. Eggy Cars or Poly Track are suitable games for you to relax after a long tiring day. Along with fun images and healthy gameplay, the game is loved by many players of all ages from small to large. This game is also a great way for you to practice concentration, hand-eye coordination and thinking rhythmically.

Challenge of the game

Don't let the easy-to-understand controls fool you. To master the speed and balance of this vehicle requires long-term practice. Always hone your driving skills and you will discover new things about this game

Easy controls

Use the arrow keys to skillfully control the car to the finish line

Tips for playing

  • Don't be too hasty in practicing, slow movements are best for you
  • Keep a safe distance between the vehicle and the terrain to avoid strong collisions.
  • Although collecting coins is tempting, prioritize the safety of the egg above all else.
  • Don't be discouraged by the occasional cracked egg. Each try is an opportunity to learn and improve your balance skills.