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Top Down Truck Racing

Top Down Truck Racing will redefine what you know about the racing genre with giant pickup trucks racing to win on terrain that normal cars cannot go on.

Top Down Truck Racing descriptive overview

The narrow but sun-drenched canyons are the routes you will probably experience first. You will feel dust storms and dangerous rocks blocking your path when you are in a fierce race.

Next up is the urban jungle. In this map you have to move through the city and the path you take is illuminated with countless neon lights. Weave your way through traffic and leave skyscrapers as a blur in your rearview mirror.

The icy abyss is one of the most dangerous roads, so you must be very careful. Show off your controlled gliding skills on treacherous ice roads where every corner threatens a blatant spin that will help you reach the finish line faster than any other racer

Finally, there is the road through the dense forest, sunlight filtering through the trees as you strain your mind to gain traction and grip because this road is very slippery and muddy.

Main features of the game

  • Re-tune your truck to the driving style you love, adjusting gear ratios, suspension and nitro boost to overcome any terrain.
  • Express your personality with car paint jobs and decals, making your car a one-of-a-kind car that no one else has.

Control the car in the game

Remember that using WASD is how you control your vehicle. It's time to ride it with the same roar of engines and shouts of victory as you experience playing Poly Track.