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Welcome to the fun game House of Hazards. This party game will force you to overcome countless dangerous obstacles booby-trapped throughout your home.

Home is a chaotic place

Evade or detonate

Every corner of your house is now like a minefield, it's very dangerous. Even seemingly normal light bulbs can now explode. That's not to mention other damaged items. You have to be extremely careful

Traps and tactics

During this house party, set secret traps for your unsuspecting friends. Immediately, your living room will turn into a battlefield. Banana peels that fall to the ground seemingly accidentally, or chairs that suddenly break their backs, are all arranged by you on purpose.


Now let's start the game. Be the first to overcome dangerous terrain and escape the house as soon as possible. Remember that if people around you intentionally prevent you from leaving the house, it is not you. Quickly overcome their traps and win in the end!

Character control

  • Player 1: WASD keys: jump, move left/right, crouch/shoot
  • Player 2: IJL key: jump, move left/right, crouch/shoot