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Rally Racer Dirt

Rally Racer Dirt will give you an authentic racing experience. This is a game with stunning graphics and realistic controls.

Game overview

Excellent driving skills

Rally Racer Dirt offers a unique combination of drifting skills and realistic controls. This will bring you extremely new feelings that you have only seen on TV before. In addition, you can also choose from many different types of vehicles, each with its own characteristics to help you have many experiences and challenge your driving skills.

Customize your own car

When participating in this game, you can play in two modes: multiplayer mode and timed mode. And when this game is released, you will be provided by the publisher with 13 different racing cars, all of which you can adjust and improve the performance of your car to ensure you win. can win.

Diverse game modes

Rally Racer Dirt has two main game modes to keep you entertained. In Challenge mode, tackle 60 different challenges, testing your rallying skills. In Survival mode, drift and drive as long as possible, passing checkpoints and pushing the limits of your racing abilities.

Release and control

First released in January 2015 for Android, March 2015 for iOS and then November 2023 for WebGL, Rally Racer Dirt has consistently delivered an exciting rally racing experience. Control with WASD or arrow keys to control the car, Space or Q for handbrake and C to change the camera's viewing angle.

Embark on a rally racing adventure more fun like never before with Rally Racer Dirt or Poly Track. Get ready to conquer the tracks and unleash your inner racer!