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Cluster Rush is an exhilarating side-scrolling adventure game. When participating in this game, you will be moving on truck roofs, bringing an extremely new experience from a first-person perspective.

Introducing the game Cluster Rush

Dangerous terrain

There is no need to prepare too complicated when participating in this game. Although it is a simple game, the first few levels let you get used to the game. From the following rounds onwards, you will experience increasing levels of difficulty, and your running speed will also increase from there. Music is indispensable in the game, but don't let that music distract you. Because just one mistake will cause you to be thrown out of the truck and have to replay the level from the beginning like Poly Track game.

Dance to the beat

Understanding the gameplay and controls is very important in Cluster Rush. The game offers easy-to-understand but challenging gameplay in which you will get to play and control your character to run and jump on constantly moving trucks. The special thing here is the ability to cling and climb onto the car like spiderman.

Master the controls

  • Press SPACEBAR to jump up.
  • Hold spacebar to climb up.
  • Use the left arrow to go left.
  • Use the right arrow to go right.

Explore countless challenges

Although the controls are very simple, Cluster Rush's rounds take place at extremely fast speeds. You must react extremely quickly to obstacles that appear on your journey to avoid unfortunate incidents

Features of the game

  • Attractive rhythmic gameplay: Experience breathtaking adventures with rhythmic rounds, especially appealing to those with good reflexes and a keen sense of music.
  • Increasing difficulty level: With 35 rounds, Cluster Rush sets moderate to difficult challenges to encourage players to unlock higher levels.
  • Epic Scenes: The adventure unfolds in diverse landscapes, from icy terrain to paths decorated with crystal-like rocks in brilliant colors.

Some tips when playing Cluster Rush

  • Explore all of your character's skills, including double jumps and wall jumps.
  • Practice regularly to improve your skills over time.
  • Refer to the gameplay of professional gamers to learn and adjust their strategies.