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Madalin Cars Multiplayer

Madalin Cars Multiplayer is a game where you can interact with many friends around the world. Set in a desolate desert. You can freely travel in the cars of your choice to test your driving skills as well as explore landscapes that you have only seen on TV before.

Introducing Madalin Cars Multiplayer

The developers have added many sports cars with different designs to this game. More specifically, you can also customize your cars in your own style

With sunny scenery and diverse terrain. You can experience the feeling of driving through winding desert roads and explore the limits of the cars you are driving

This game can connect with many friends who have the same passion for cars as you. In the game you can invite your friends or anyone to travel with you on dusty roads or dramatic car races.

Control instructions

  • WASD/Arrow: Drive your car
  • F: Increased nitro release
  • C: Browse camera views
  • R: Reposition your vehicle
  • B: Restart the game
  • I: Start/stop the engine
  • M: Show/hide the rearview mirror
  • T: Switch map view from top to bottom
  • U: Converts between km/h and mph
  • Q: Turn on/off police lights
  • J: Change the sound engine
  • L: Enter full screen mode
  • O: Access options
  • Space: Handbrake
  • L-Shift: Accelerate
  • L-Ctrl: Reduce speed

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