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Water City Racer

Description of Water City Racers

Water City Racers is an exciting racing game. In this game you will be placed in a bustling urban center. Here, each mode played will stimulate your competitive spirit so that you can drive with all your might.

Playground specifically for racing cars

Water City Racers' vibrant cityscape is your playground. Neon-lit roads intertwine with long stretches of highway, creating a beautiful scene suitable for racing. Next, you will have to maneuver through crowded traffic and overcome difficult turns. Each race will bring extremely new experiences to you.

Many different levels of play

Water City Racers doesn't just stop at high-speed chases. Diverse game modes offer various challenges and rewards that will keep you hooked. Whether you crave head-to-head competition with other drivers or challenge yourself through a time trial, each mode offers a unique experience. Show off your skills, conquer challenges and earn valuable diamonds with every victory.

Master your car

Water City Racers brings you a collection of stunning super sports cars, each a marvel of engineering and performance. Choose from sleek and versatile designs to powerful machines built for brutal power. Mastering these vehicles is simple yet rewarding thanks to intuitive controls:

  • WASD key:Drive your car
  • SHIFT: Activate Nitrous Oxide for acceleration
  • TH: Look again
  • R: Reposition the vehicle
  • SPACE: Handbrake

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