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Car Simulator Arena

Launching the Car Simulator Arena

In the Car Simulator Arena game, car fans can have many unique experiences in their favorite cars. If the mayhem of car crashes and demolition derbies is too dangerous for you, computer games offer a more exciting but safer option. Car Simulator Arena offers a driving experience in a large, open space with many buildings and locations where collisions can occur. Compete against other cars and enthusiastic drivers to see how well you can drive. Frequent collisions and spins provide opportunities to change cars and aim for even greater achievements.

How to play

Car Simulator Arena is a 3D driving game that focuses on performing tricks and destroying cars using keyboard controls.


  • Up arrow: Accelerate
  • Down arrow: Brake/Reverse
  • Left arrow: Turn left
  • Right arrow: Turn right
  • Shift: Use Nitro
  • ZXCV: Flip/Turn
  • WASD: Change camera
  • R: Revive

Two game modes

Free Roam and Derby are the two modes available. The goal of Free Roam is to freely explore and execute pranks and glitches. In Derby, your goal is to survive while competing against other racers who are trying to take you down. You are free to choose any car or vehicle you like before joining the game.

You are just passing through the environment; There are no clear instructions or preset goals. The lower right corner of the screen displays the vehicle's speed and specifications. The blue meter shows the amount of nitro available. A variety of features, including ramps, loops, spirals and others, create obstacles while driving.

Tips and tricks

Each vehicle in the game has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some have better handling, some focus more on speed, while some have slow nitro charging speeds. Try a few different types to see which one best suits your preferences and driving style.