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Drive Mad is a tense adventure game. In this game, you will have to control your special vehicle through countless unique terrains that you have probably never seen before.

Information about the game Drive Mad

3D adventure

With a vivid 3D graphics. Your task when participating in this game is to overcome obstacles and conquer all challenges that change with each level. Just one small mistake can cause your car to crumble and become a pile of scrap. But don't worry too much, each new level will provide you with different sets of wheels, so it will always bring you new feelings when experiencing the game.

Dangerous challenge

Driving is one of the most dangerous but equally important jobs. In this game, you will have to maintain speed, balance the vehicle and overcome many complex terrains. It could be steep roads, moving logs or you even have to move on slippery ice. So you will have to be very careful when moving on these terrains. And if you are interested, on our website there is another similar game called Climb Racing 3D. This game is quite good and is at the top of the most played games on our website. I think you should try it out to experience it.

Diverse car garage

In Drive Mad, each level will give you a different car. From trucks to excavators. This will require you to quickly adapt to each car you drive.

Tips and tricks to win

  • Steady speed is important for moving through challenging terrain.
  • Adjust your car controls and avoid repeating previous mistakes
  • Enjoy the madness of this driving game and try to overcome the challenge!

How to play the game

Use the arrow keys to control your monster car to the finish line safely