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Count Masters

Count Masters invites you into an exciting world of action. Your mission in this game is to assemble a team of heroes and destroy the enemy.

Instructions for conquering Count Masters

Reveal your mission

Imagine one day your territory faces a ruthless attack from evil forces. Are you ready to stand strong and face those physical forces. Gather your brothers and launch an attack on the enemy base.

Master the gameplay

Equipped with guns and you will have to move through the white battlefield. There are red and blue gates here. Choose the green gate to recruit more teammates. Once equipped with enough troops and upgraded weapons, confidently face the enemy. Don't forget to collect power-ups, improve the quality of your weapons and destructive power

Unlock skins

Delve into the realm of aesthetics with two attractive outfit options character outfits and weapon outfits. Accumulate cash through battles to unlock charming Count outfits. These skins add an element of fun and excitement to your gameplay. Explore these unlocks for an enhanced gameplay experience that makes each encounter uniquely enjoyable.

Control character

You can use your mouse and play this game, so easy