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Mr Racer is a dynamic game that takes you through the bustling streets of various cities. Your mission in this game is to control beautiful supercars, weave through crowded roads at a fast speed and conquer different driving challenges offered by the publisher.

Crazy racing in the game

Mr Racer opens up many different game modes to bring exciting driving experiences on many different cars, cars you have only seen on TV before. You will go through five unique locations, and remember to accumulate experience to improve your vehicle's level.

Modes in Mr Racer

Challenge mode

Embark on a quest to complete diverse challenges, with 100 different missions testing your racing prowess. These challenges, which are largely time-based, keep the game exciting. You must pass the check points earlier than the specified time to get extra time.

Racing mode

Participate in head-to-head competition with another racer. Focus on overcoming your opponents to complete the mission with an absolute victory.

Collect and upgrade your cars

Navigate through the game's diverse modes to accumulate wealth and unlock new vehicles. Choose from a variety of vehicles, each with impressive speed capabilities, making it easier for you to win races. Enhance your gaming experience by upgrading your vehicle with new paint, wheels, lights and wheel stands.

Featured game

  • Diverse game modes: Challenge your racing ability with diverse game modes.
  • Supercar Collection: Unlock and race with 15 supercars on multiple tracks.
  • Stunning visuals: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of MR RACER with realistic 3D graphics and lighting.
  • Dynamic camera view: Switch between three different camera angles for an immersive racing experience.
  • Scenic Locations: Race through five realistic settings, including Farmland, City, Mountain Day, Mountain Night, and Snow.
  • Encouragement from Maria: Get motivated from Maria as you navigate the challenging world of MR RACER.

Control you cars

  • W/Up arrow: Accelerate
  • A/ Left arrow: Drive left
  • D/ Right arrow: Drive right
  • S/Down arrow: Brake
  • H: Horn