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Drift Boss brings you the experience of colorful, flat paved roads. When participating in this game, your task is to control this car to the finish line with the highest possible time and score. Fasten your seat belt, hold the steering wheel tightly and steer the car to the finish line

Overview of the game Drift Boss


It will be difficult for those with a weak heart to play this game. Every turn and every corner brings you closer to the abyss than ever before. As long as you control the car correctly, you won't have to fear anything. But just a little neglect and you and the car can go down the cliff at any time

Unlock new cars

After each daring drift, you will earn more money to unlock new cars to add to your collection. From beautiful sports cars to the everyday people you see. Each has its own abilities and beautiful appearance. Find a car that best suits you to speed along the road that is waiting for you.

Worldwide rankings

We have statistics of the players with the highest scores in the world. After completing your route, check to see if you are among the highest scorers or become the leader thanks to the score you just played.

Control the vehicle

Controlling your car is not difficult. You just need to use the left mouse button or the spacebar to make your car move and perform smooth drifts.