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Ducklife is a game about the adventures of a cute, funny yellow duck. When participating in this game, you are not simply raising a normal duck. In addition, you also have to train the duck to turn into a competitive player. Conquering tournaments and winning championships is what athletes always aim for, so if you also want to participate in such a tournament, you can come and try our game Poly Track

Experience the duck life game

Farmyard Phoenix Tale

A devastating tornado destroys your idyllic farm, leaving behind only a single duck egg. Because this is no longer just a duck egg, it is also the hope of many people who hope to rebuild from this duck. Your task as mentioned above is to train the duck so that it can win tournaments. From there earn money to restore your farm.

From little duck to champion

At first, because your duck is still too young, it hardly knows what to do. Guide him by letting him go through small but engaging games. Teach him to swim and fly - something no other duck has ever done. After completing each round of small training sessions, your duck will become strong and extremely confident to enter the fierce racing arena.

Clash of the quackening

Your duck will not be the only one participating in the tournament. Here, countless other ducks from around the world gather to compete. Matches will be held on stunningly beautiful terrains ranging from sun-drenched grasslands to extremely dangerous glaciers. Therefore, you must guide your duck extremely carefully to avoid unfortunate things from happening.

Tips for playing Duck Life

  • If you practice well, your duck will be more stable. The more you train your duckling to run, swim and fly, the stronger and faster your duck will be
  • Don't let the duck go hungry. This is very important because if you just starve your duck will no longer be able to compete. So buy baby duck food continuously.
  • Speed is always the decisive factor to win. So prepare your duck in a good mental state so that it can always reach maximum speed when competing.

Instructions for controlling a duck

  • Running: Click left mouse to run
  • Flying: Click and drag to go up or down
  • Swimming: Up and down arrow to control