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X-Trench Run

X Trench Run plunges you into a heart-stopping interstellar skirmish against a colossal dark force! Buckle up, take control and move through the dangerous maze of laser walls, enemy turrets and secrets in the universe that no one has discovered yet.

Explore the game X Trench Run

Unraveling the mystery

A giant fortress hidden in space, but no one knows the purpose of its construction. Coincidentally, in this game you are an excellent pilot entrusted with the task of breaking into the fortress's defense system and unraveling the secrets it holds. But you must be extremely careful, this fortress is considered a war machine fully equipped with defense systems.

Dodge or Die

When participating in this game. Then you have to overcome a series of laser grids, avoiding plasma blasts from automatic turrets. Every wrong move can cause you to start the game again from the beginning. So be ready and keep yourself mentally strong and have sharp reflexes

Fight with the guardians

Your journey is more than a simple solo spacewalk. Prepare to confront powerful enemy ships, each fully equipped with firepower. Avoid their barrage of bullets, find their weak points and attack to win after epic confrontations between the bright stars in this universe.

Game control

  • WASD or Arrow keys: Control your fighter precisely.
  • Space Bar or Click: Unleash a barrage of firepower and clear the way for you.