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Poor Eddie is a puzzle game with exciting challenges that the game publishers have for you. Your task in this game is to help Eddie reach the finish line by using the available items on the level and push this guy to the finish line.

About Poor Eddie

This puzzle genre game gives you the opportunity to show off your problem-solving skills and intelligence. With a series of interesting levels, Poor Eddie will bring players many interesting experiences and also demonstrate their sharp intelligence.

Explore every level of Poor Eddie

Initially, when you first join the game, the game publishers will give you 10 challenges for you to overcome. Each level corresponds to a door that will lead you to unique rooms. Then, when faced with obstacles such as walls, pits or high walls blocking Eddie's way, you must use your intelligence to skillfully use support items. The variety of obstacles and items ensures each level offers a unique challenge, requiring you to have a flexible and strategic mindset.

How to control the game

  • Mouse controls: A simple click on Eddie or an object initiates the action. Clicking on Eddie will propel him forward until he reaches an obstacle, while activating boosters requires a simple click of the corresponding control button.
  • Keyboard controls: Using the arrow keys will change the target object and the spacebar will activate functions. Whether controlling Eddie or interacting with items, keyboard commands mirror mouse actions.

Embark on this puzzle adventure with Poor Eddie, where every click and strategic decision brings you closer to conquering the game's diverse challenges.