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Slope 3 is an obstacle course game released in 2023. In this game you will have to control your ball through countless different obstacles at an increasing speed.

About Slope 3 games

Play the role of a ball controller. You will have to use the arrow keys to control your ball through colorful neon-lit paths while avoiding red walls. This game is actually very simple and the farther you have to keep the ball rolling, the higher the score you will get. Because it is a fast-paced game with many obstacles and surprises, this game can help you improve your reflexes.

Main function

  • Vibrant 3D neon graphics: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning world filled with vibrant neon colors.
  • Levels are constantly evolving: No two runs are the same! Experience unpredictable challenges and escalating difficulties.
  • Deadly Obstacles: Test your reflexes against scary obstacles like walls, pits, and more.
  • Global leaderboards: Compete with fellow Slope climbers and dominate the leaderboards.

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